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Fly Fishing at Punta Ycacos

The waters off the coast of Toledo are is a Mecca for those interested in fishing. All kinds of fishing - spin, fly, trolling - can be experienced all year long, and the abundance of game fish guarantees excellent sport. Trophy size bonefish, tarpon, permit, are plentiful in Southern Belizean waters, and Grand Slams, while not common, are not unheard of either.

The Port Honduras Marine Reserve, with its mangrove coast, clear rivers, hundreds of protective cayes, and the Barrier Reef, forms one of the most important fish nurseries in the Caribbean. The estuaries and inlets of Punta Ycacos Lagoon and the mouths of the many rivers in Southern Belize are known for their tarpon, snook and jacks. Monkey River is popular for flyfishing where bone fish, tarpon and permit are abundant. Punta Ycacos Lagoon and Puinta Negra Lake with their gras flats are known for the bonefish, permit tarpon and barracuda. Further out along the barrier reef and near the coral sand islands, grouper, snapper, jacks and barracuda are caught. For big game such as sailfish, marlin, bonito and pompano, you will have to venture into the deeper waters off the drop off, east of the barrier reef past the Sapodilla Cayes.

Fishing Punta Ycacos

Peak fishing seasons vary, but you can catch all game fish year around depending on local weather conditions. Generally tarpon are most plentiful from October through mid December and in June and July. Bonefishing is best from September through January. Permit fishing peaks from August through October and March through June. Grand Slams seem to appear most frequently during the months of May and June.


Experienced and trained tour guides (all fished for a living in their previous life) take guests out to their favorite fishing areas, where they all but guarantee landing prized sportfish. Cost for fishing charters depends on the type of fishing, the size of the boat, number of anglers, and time of year. Fish are caught on a catch and release basis. Serious fishermen should bring both fly and spin tackle, and any additional equipment. Check HERE for a listing of fishing guides

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