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Hiking to Aguacaliente

Southern Belize is criss crossed by trails connecting Maya villages, family farms (milpas), waterfalls and caves. The trails wind through second growth forest, past recently planted milpas and along the banks of tropical rivers. Monkeys will howl from high in the canopy, trogons will chatter "krr-rr-rah-ah", and lizards will scurry through the dense underbrush.

Hiking is truly the best way to experience what a tropical forest is. Your senses will be inundated. You will see every shade of green; smell life and decay; feel the humidity and mud; hear the continuous hum of insects; and taste the heart of palm.

Hiking through rainforest

While roads connect most Maya villages today, this was not always the case. Before the roads, there were trails and rivers. Many of these trails are still used. And each of the Maya villages of Southern Belize has a unique natural site nearby that is only accessible by foot.

There are no trail maps for Southern Belize. And the trails often cross each other so it is easy to lose your way. A guide is essential not only to find your way, but to also point out the hidden birds, camouflaged wildlife and medicinal plants that abound everywhere in the forest. Check within each village for an available escort into the forest.

All of Toledo is a camp ground. Overnights can be arranged almost anywhere in the district. Be sure to ask your guide for local conditions and location of high, dry and protected ground for camping. You will need to bring your own gear unless you are part of an organized tour. Check HERE for more information.

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