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The Fallen Stones Butterfly Farm was set up in February 1992 and became operational in September 1993. It is part of the Fallen Stones Butterfly Ranch, an area of forty-two acres of Belizean rainforest.

Trail to Butterfly Farm

The butterfly farm markets live pupae mainly to the United Kingdom market. These are used in live butterfly exhibitions which have been acclaimed by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, as being highly beneficial in making people, particularly young people, aware of the need to conserve rain forests and other natural environments.

Fallen Stones Butterfly Farm produces over six hundred butterfly pupae a week for export to Europe and the United States. Large populations of eight different butterfly species are raised. These are dominated by two species: the blue morpho and the owl butterfly.

Blue Morpho Butterfly

The facility includes two (12'by 32') screened flight cages, where thousands of bright-winged butterflies feed, mate, and lay their eggs on plants. A separate enclosure contains shelves for hatching harvested eggs, and a work bench for the worker who does the daily tasks of cleaning out and feeding up to 15000 caterpillars.

A plantation of food plants is maintained a few steps from the enclosure, and other fruit and nectar sources are grown nearby. Raising butterflies require that thousands of caterpillars be fed daily by the hands of the local Kekchi Maya workers. When the larvae reach their pupa stage, they are carefully packaged and shipped to the U.S. and Europe.

Emerging butterfly

Visitors are shown through the flight cages and given information on the different species of butterflies present. All butterflies go through a similar life cycle, but differ in the appearance of the eggs and length of each life cycle stage.

Visits to the Butterfly Farm are only available for guests of Hickatee Cottages.

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