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The Toledo Botanical Arboretum is an organic ecofarm which uses sustainable agricultural techniques. The operation of the farm is almost completely food and energy independent. Pig's waste is used to fuel a biogas digester which generates methane gas. Filtered, the gas is used for cooking, refrigeration, and lights. The byproducts, sludge/fertilizer, go to the fruit trees and the garden. Pigs are either sold, or slaughtered at home for food such as ham, sausage, pork, or bacon. Energy is generated by solar panels on the house roof, and rain water is collected by a vat.

More than 55 varieties of fruit trees are grown on the property including starfruit, flying potatoes, guava, passion fruit, and malay apple. Jams, preserves, and pickles are made from these fruits. OrchidsSome are kept for the home while the rest are sold. Excess fruits from the trees are used to feed the pigs. Ornamental plants and seeds are sold in a small nursery to locals. The farm has a small but attractive orchid grove and the frangipani and ylang-ylang flowers are pressed into perfume.

The farm is located 2km after the first turnoff to Lubantuun. It is best to call owners Yvonne and Alfredo Villoria at their tourist information office in Punta Gorda at 772-2470 to make arrangements for a tour. A personal tour of the farm with a display of flow charts and detailed illustrations costs $5US per person, and is a rare and uniquely interesting experience.

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