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Barranco Shoreline

Barranco is the southernmost coastal village in Belize. It is about 45 minutes by road, and 20 minutes by boat south of Punta Gorda. The population includes over 150 residents with the majority being Garifuna. The population is ageing as the young people rarely return to Barranco after finishing school in nearby Punta Gorda.

The village is situated on flat coastal land with a large variety of fruit trees including breadfruits, malay apple, golden plum, mango, and craboo scattered throughout the village. The diversity of fruit attract an equally diverse number of birds. The village has electricity and a community phone, one shop, one health center, a bar, a police station, a park, a school, and two churches.

Barranco Village

Barranco offers fishing in dugout canoes and river tours through the Temash River Forest Reserve. Nights come alive with Garifuna drumming and dancing.

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