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Blue Creek Village

Blue Creek Village is a Mopan and Kekchi village of about 270 people. The community lies along flat roads, spanning both sides of Blue Creek. Clusters of thatch huts border both sides of Blue Creek, a beautiful, clear stream emerging from the surrounding thick jungle. Upstream of the bridge is a wide blue-green pool where Maya women beat their laundry on the smooth stones. The banks are lined with tall shady trees. The reflection of the thick jungle rainforest, which lines both sides, is clearly visible in the surface of the creek.

Blue Creek Village was first known as Rio Blanco. Families from San Antonio and Aguacate moved there after discovering the clear water for washing and fishing, and the nearby fertile soil for milpas. Soon after, they changed the name of their new village to Blue Creek to reflect the beauty of the river which runs through the hills.

Hokeb Ha Cave

Telephone and electricity are still not available. A two story cement building stands out at the entrance of the village. This store sells basic goods.

A research center with accommodations is widely used by foreign students. Near the center, a wooden platform is built out over the creek. Tied to the branch of a large tree, a thick rope is used to swing from the high bank into the blue-green pool. Large schools of fish and river otters live in the creek. At night, Kinkajous are plentiful atop the trees across from the research center. You will need a strong flashlight to see the shine of their eyes.

Blue Creek offers hiking in the rainforest, exploration of the popular Hokeb Ha Cave and a Canopy Walk.

Blue Creek Canyon
Blue Creek Canyon from Santa Cruz Village

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