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Pueblo Viejo is a Mopan Maya village of about 550 people. The village is widely spread out along the roadside on hilly terrain. Cohune palm trees are the dominant tree in the village.

Road to Pueblo Viejo

Pueblo Viejo was the first village founded in Southern Belize. The village is only seven miles from the border of Guatemala. It was first established by Maya Indians who fled from San Luis, Peten in Guatemala to avoid military service. The Spanish name, translated as "Old Town" was given by the villagers.

The village does not have electricity or a central water system. A bucket must be filled with water pumped from a well and carried back to the home. The village has a police station, community center, a school, and a store.

Lower falls, Pueblo Viejo

Livestock is plentiful in the village and surrounding forest. Horses graze on the high banks of the road side, pigs and their piglets forage in the bordering jungle and turkeys and chickens run freely throughout the village.

The children are curious and have lots of questions. The adults are still not use to visitors, so do not be surprised if you are respectfully left alone during meals (but curiously watched). Star watching is beautiful at night because of the lack of street lights. Flashing fire flies dot the entire area during early evening. The silence is only broken by the sounds of insects, owls, and the jungle at night.

Attractions near Pueblo Viejo include hiking to a cave, horseback riding, overnight camping and the Upper and Lower Pueblo Viejo Falls.

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