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Maya Villages

San Antonio is the second largest town in Toledo. This quiet village is made up of about 1000 Mopan Maya villagers. The village was first established by immigrants who fled across the Guatemala border in 1883 from San Luis, Peten in order to avoid military service.

San Antonio Village
Entrance to San Antonio VIllage

The village sits on the sloping hills bordering stream cut gulleys. Thatched huts spread across the village high and low with tangled vegetation in between. Several gently-flowing streams crisscross the village. An open football field at the southern entrance of the village is perfect for picnicking or stargazing.

Catholic Church

San Antonio, the most developed village in Southern Belize, has electricity, a community telephone, and a central water system. The village contains two churches, a health center, several stores, and a community center. This is the only village that has a hotel. Bol's Hilltop Hotel is situated on a hill above the Catholic Church with good views of the surrounding country side. It has seven rustic rooms with shared baths.

Across from Bol's Hilltop hotel, sits a stone Catholic Church built of limestone salvaged from surrounding Maya ruins. The stones are said to have been transported on the shoulders and backs of the Mopan Maya. A set of eight stained glass windows rings the church, originally part of a church in St. Louis Missouri and later donated to San Antonio. The church bell is rung on a daily basis. Mayas from surrounding villages travel here to worship their patron Saint-San Luis Rey. The church is run by a group of American nuns.

San Antonio Falls

In August and September, a festival is held to celebrate the Feast of San Luis. The Deer Dance uses colorful costumes and takes place over several days. The dance of the holy deer represents the important relationship between humanity and nature.

The San Antonio waterfalls is located just 1 mile out of the village.

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