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San Jose Village

San Jose is a Mopan Maya settlement of about 700 people, lying adjacent to the Columbia River Forest Reserve at the end of a rolling, meandering road.

The village was born when families from San Antonio and alkilos (Maya living in the forest alone) in the surrounding area came together to start a community. In 1954, the village was named San Jose after the feast of Saint Joseph. Every year on March 19th, a three day feast of eating and dancing to marimba and harp music is celebrated in honor of their patron saint.

San Jose has a community phone, but no electricity or central water system. The village has a community center, two churches, one school, and a repair shop and several small cornmills.

A large stone monument, in the shape of a Maya temple, lies in the center of the village in commemoration to Mr. Julian Cho, the ex-leader of the Toledo Maya Cultural Council. Born in San Jose, Mr. Cho became an internationally known activitist Monument to Julian Chodefending the rights of the Maya people against threats to tier culture and community lands. His active participation in the council and keen intellect led the community forward during his years of leadership.

San Jose is the gateway to the wonders of the Columbia River Forest Reserve, with some of the tallest trees and largest sinkholes in the Toledo District. Trips to a nearby waterfall and cave are also available.

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