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San Miguel is a small Kekchi village with a population of about 380 people. The Rio Grande river splits the village in two. As you cross the bridge in the middle of the village, you'll see several children splashing in the river while women wash their laundry on the riverbanks and fishermen pull up their canoes further down the river. The Rio Grande river is literally the center of activity in this village.

San Miguel Village

In 1950, a group of families left the small village of Santa Teresa in search of more fertile soils. Moving eastward, they found fertile land near the village of San Pedro Columbia. They received 150 acres of land from the people of San Pedro Columbia and crossed the Columbia river to establish a new village. They brought the statue of St. Michael, and named their village "San Miguel" to honor their saint.

Maya Children

This picturesque village straddles a smooth, hilly, gravel road, with clusters of thatch roofed homes among flowering hibiscus and bouganvilla bushes. San Miguel has electricity, a community phone, a central water system, a community center, a library, a couple stores, and a school next to a church. For a good view of the village, hike to the hilltop where the school/church is located.

The people in San Miguel are not as shy as those in other villages. Family members eat meals along with visitors. The villagers sit on the floor, allowing guests to use the small, round, two-foot-high table with benches.

San Miguel offers hikes to Tiger Cave and Lubaantun, and canoeing on the Rio Grande river.

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